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PCI Series

In flexographic print process, CI series with geared system presents high quality printings.Central Drum Impression system with its practical shaftless single unwind/rewind mechanism gives quality printing with ease of operation.

Important Properties

  • With 4,6,8 color choices printing on single face is possible
  • Customisable print width and print repeat according to your requirements
  • 250 m/min printing speed
  • Practical shaftless single unwind/rewind process
  • Easy color positioning vertical and horizantal by means of servo or air operated motor systems
  • Easy operated Chambered (closed) Doctor Blade system
  • Hot air operated tunnel type drying unit and in between colors
  • Compact design
  • Pressure roller changing by electrically operated hoist mechanism
  • Flexible operation and control possibilty through cell phones and other intelligent communication devices,like tablets
  • Operator friendly equipment, making training easier

Technical Specifications

Single surface printing with 4,6,8 colors (4+0) (6+0) (8+0)
Print width: 800 -1600 mm (customisable)
Print repeat: 300-850 mm (customisable)
Production speed: 300 m/min
Inverter controlled hot air drying units through tunnel and operated between colors
Pressure roller changing mechanism by double sided hoisting system
Sidewise Position registering adjustment: Air and electrically operated motors
Lengthwise Position registering adjustment: Air and electrically operated motors
The up and down movement of bobbins for shaftless single unwind/rewind units are maintained by hydraulic lifting arms
Automatic monitoring of material stretching process
Automatic Camberroller edge controlling pre printing
Options: Single sided print monitoring
Automatic viscosity control unit
Anti static unit