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P Series

PE, OPP origin flexible film materials and even PAPER and flexible PVC material can be efficiently printed to the optimum requirements thanks to Remak ‘s ability to bring together the advantages of Doctor Blade (chamber type) rag system and Ceramic Anilox cylinders. This combination in Stack Type printing brings high quality and high definition color applications on double sided operations.

Important Properties

  • Full width double-sided printing device with 2,4,6,8 different colors
  • Production speed max 300 m/min
  • Changable material width according to customer requirements
  • Double sided unwind/rewind or single shaftless unwind/rewind choices
  • Each unit is under servo drive control independently
  • Sharp Printing process by Doctor Blade (chambered) system. Chambered Doctor Blade system allows for higher process speeds,use of thicker inks and coatings, frequent color changes
  • Easy printing roller change by electrical lift mechanism
  • Ease of operation and parameter changes
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Distant monitoring possibility through cell phone and/or tablets

Technical Specifications

Printing combinations: 2 colors (2+0, 1+1)
4 colors(4+0,2+2,3+1)
6 colors(6+0,5+1,4+2,3+3)
8 colors(8+0,7+1,6+2,5+3,4+4)
Production speed: maximum 300 m/min.(depending upon equipment type)
Material width:
Printing width: 820-1020-1220 mm..(customisable)
Printing repeat: 300-900 mm
Cliche and band width: min 2.54-0.5 mm, max. 5.50-0.1 mm
Posiition register adjustment sidewise: +/- 20mm
Position register adjustment lengthwise: by servo drive unit
Ink transfer system: By ceramic anylox unit fed by pneumatic ink pumps
Chambered Doctor Blade system
Drying system operated by Inverter controlled hot air blowing system and exhaust unit
Optional double unwinding and winding or single shaftless unwinding and winding systems
Automatic tension control unit
Automatic edge control pre printing
Options: Double sided print monitoring system
Automatic viscosity control unit
Anti static unit