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MP Series

In Remak’s MP Series human error is reduced greatly in mounting of cliche over the pressure rollers or sleeve mandrels as required by the customers through high zooming capacity cameras. Mounting is done at required measurements moving horizontally and vertically by DDservo motors.

Important Properties

  • Mounting ability over pressure rollers or sleeve mandrels
  • Customisable width and different measurements
  • High zooming capacity sensitive cameras activated by DD Servo motors
  • Vertical up and down positioning possibility with DDServo motors
  • Robust, heavy duty type frame construction
  • Foldable and movable cliche mounting table
  • Operator friendly plate mounting process with Remak MP Series

Technical Specifications

Material width: 1400 mm -customisable
Possibilty of choosing between mounting over the pressure roller or sleeve mandrel
Positioning ability of sleeve mandrel up/down by DDServo motor control
2 high zooming capacity sensitive cameras driven by DDServo motors
2 screen monitors both position adjustable
Automatic close up move done by servo motors
Heavy duty, robust steel chassis
Foldable and movable cliche mounting table
Recipe adjustment possibility by HMI panel