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S2 Series

S2 series slitting machines are one level higher equipped compared with the S1 series. Main characters are; with the unwinding system ; shaftless , servo drive controlled,hydraulic bobbin raising mechanism are present. Between the unwinding unit and the cutting blades an operator friendly cat-walk is mounted. The operation speed may go up to 500 m/min. A special Helios type pneumatic rotary sheer cutting mechanism can perform the slitting process efficiently leading to smooth and flawless edges even with PET and Paper material , along with the flexible materials as well.

Important Properties

  • Easy operation with the help of cat-walk between unwind and blade units
  • Production speed up to 500 m/min
  • Possibility of having a perfectly smooth cutting even with thick material by optional Helios type rotary sheer cutting units
  • Shaftless, servo drive controlled, hydraulic bobbin raising mechanism all give an efficient unwinding process
  • Duplex winding system with pneumatic friction shafts
  • Edge trimming and vacuuming by air
  • Operator friendly, robust and lean engineering

Technical Specifications

Material width: 800-1000-1200-1400 mm. Customisable
Production speed: 450-500 m/min maximum.
Blade type: Standart conventıonal razor blade cutting or rotary shear cutting (optional)
Cat walk construction between unwinding and slitting units for easy handling and safety
Bobbin handling up to 1000 mm diameter, with shaftless, servo driven, hydraulic lifting mechanism
The tension between unwinding and rewinding units adjustable by pneumatic dancer mechnasim
All functions controlled by HMI touch button panel
Stopping by Automatic Meterage adjustment system
The rewinding mechanism incorporates pneumatic friction units to overcome the problems of material thickness variations
The trimming of material edges and vacuuming by air
Each double rewinding bobbin outer diameter is 600 mms
The steel lifting arms used for up and down adjustment and bobbin load /unload of the unwinding mechanism ; are activated by two independent hydraulic pistons
Automatic line/edge controlling at the cutting unit entrance
Drawing and winding units are motor controlled
Aluminum cylinders ,each cork coated
Options: Laser controlled edging
Material surface cleansing unit
Anti static application unit
Helios type pneumatically distance adjustable blade