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Remflex Midline Series

Remflex MidlineSeries by Remak, is the ultimate solution on printing of PP woven fabrics with its attractive price/performance ratio. Production possibility of working with variable material width and performance economy for lower tonnage productions, easy maintenance, simple change over and lean operation make Remflex Midline a preferred machine among its competitors.

Important Properties

  • Double sided printing simultaneously, with 4,6,8 different colour choices
  • Customizable printing width
  • Printing speed maximum 150 m/min ( depending on raw material quality)
  • Each unit being servo motor controlled independently
  • Sharp Printing Process by Doctor Blade system
  • Easy loading operation by hydrolic lift arms
  • Compact size for economy
  • Pressure roller change by electrical lifts
  • Easy and lean managable process control
  • Operator friendly

Technical Specifications

Printing combinations: 4 colors( 4+0;3+1;2+2)
6 colors (6+0;5+1;4+2;3+3)
8 colors (8+0;7+1;6+2;5+3;4+4)
Production speed maximum: 150m/min (depending on material quality)
Width of material area(max): 850-1050-1250 mm (customisable)
Width of printing area(max): 820-1020-1220 mm (customisable)
Printing length (repeat): 400-1300 mm
Cliche and Tape Thickness: min. 2.54 - 0.5mm max. 5.5 - 0.1mm
Register precision (transverse ): +/- 20 mm
Register precision (longitude): Controlled by servo drive through touch button panel
Inking system: Ink transfer by Pneumatic pumps and ink application by Anilox ceramic rollers
Drying system: Hot air blowing and exhaust, controlled by inverter system
Doctor Blade (Chambered assembly) System
Single unwind and rewind systems
Double sided Corona Unit
Automatic Tension Control
Automatic web monitoring system
Options: Vision system by Double sided Camera monitoring unit
Automatic dye viscosity control unit
Anti - static(static discharge) unit
Material surface cleaning unit